Frequently Asked Questions

At My Motorcoach. we know you've got questions and thats why we are here, 24/7 to answer them. Don't see your question listed?, call us now or send us an e-mail, we'd like to hear from you and discuss all the service benefits of using My Motorcoach.

Is My Motorcoach. A Broker ?

No. My Motorcoach. is a charter bus rental network operated by professionals who have been in the charter bus and At My Motorcoach. our company has long standing relations with our affiliates and despite who may want our business, we give our business to those who are qualified and have a proven track record with us and our previous clients for safety and service.

Does It Cost More To Use My Motorcoach. ?

No. In fact, we save our clients an average of up to 30% off standard charter bus rental rates throughout the U.S. Each year, My Motorcoach. buys millions of dollars of charter bus rental service. Our buying power and negotiating leverage with our affiliates means a savings for you. As a one time customer to a local bus company there is no incentive to provide you with a discount. When represented as a My Motorcoach. client, you have our multi-million dollar buying power behind you. This insures you get the safest buses, best service and an overall quality experience. Our affiliates have alot to loose if they don't keep our clients satisfied.

How Do I Know The Bus I Will Charter Has Insurance ? 

At My Motorcoach. your safety comes first. After your service is contracted with My Motorcoach. we will gladly send you a copy of the insurance certificate showing full coverage for your service. In fact, we can even provide you with a certificate naming your group as an additional insured for your trip. My Motorcoach. also carries a $2,000,000.00 policy to cover you and your group. When it comes to safety, no one cares more than the staff at My Motorcoach., you can count on that.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy ?

Any reservation cancelled prior to 30 days is eligible for a full refund. Charters cancelled after 30 days are subject to cancellation fees. Please consult  your charter contract for this information. If you have any questions regarding this at the time of booking please feel free to call our office. Cancellation terms and conditions may vary depending on dates of service and general availability.

How Much Of A Deposit Will I Need To Hold A Bus ?

Deposits will vary depending on equipment, location, dates of service and the type of service desired. For major service dates where availability is limited, deposits may be equal to 40% of your overall charter. Generally, deposits range from 10% and up although we can hold some orders with just a few hundred dollars. Please speak with your charter sales agent for more information. If your group does not have your entire deposit at the time of booking, we will make special arrangements with you, just let us know what you need and we'll make it happen.

Is Smoking Allowed On The Buses ?

No. All buses chartered from My Motorcoach. are non-smoking. Your driver will be more than glad to make smoke stops time permitting and safety allowing.

What Forms of Payment Does My Motorcoach. Accept ?

My Motorcoach. accepts MasterCard or VISA, American Express, Discover, Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders and Wire Transfers. All final payments made by check must be made 10 business days prior to your trip. Payments made within 10 days of your charter must be made by another form of payment. Cash is never accepted at the time of service. My Motorcoach. is a D&B rated company with one of the highest PAYDEX scores in our industry. Your deposit and payments are secure with My Motorcoach.

What Happens If Our Bus Breaks Down During Our Charter ?

My Motorcoach. does not work with single bus owner operations. In fact, our average affiliate owns and operates more than 9 buses in their fleet. In most cases during an in service breakdown the owner-operator of the bus will dispatch another bus to replace the one  that is non-operable. If no buses are available our dispatchers will send a bus from another affiliate, at no additional cost to you to replace your out of service bus. Less than 1% of charters in 2005 experienced an in service breakdown. Sit back and relax, your riding with My Motorcoach.

Does My Motorcoach. Have  A Good Safety Record ? 

Yes. In fact, in 2004, 2005 and 2006 our company had no reports of any injuries or accidents on any of our chartered bus trips. Our operators are some of the most experienced in the nation and again, your safety is the most important factor of your trip.

How Old Will The Bus Be That We Are Chartering From USA ?

All buses chartered from My Motorcoach. are new or late model coaches. We do not use operators that do not replace their fleets when they become worn and tired. Operating a newer fleet allows our clients to relax and know they are riding on a safe working bus. Feel free to inspect the drivers log and bus log before heading out on your charter. If you find anything at all not to your liking, we will request the replacement of that bus. In the last 24 months, we have had no clients turn their bus away from My Motorcoach. for not being safe and in good operating condition.

Does My Motorcoach. Offer Reduced Rates For Non-Profits ?

Yes. In fact, we try to meet the budget of all personal, non-profit and business charter clients. Don't be afraid to let us know what you've got to spend, even if you think its not enough to get the service you need. Let us go to work for you and your group, we have been known to work some miracles for some pretty nice clients.

Can My Motorcoach, Bill Our Company or Organization For Service ?

No. At this time we are not offering direct billing. Our affiliates provide us with the best rates for  you and these rates do not reflect terms of 30 days or more. My Motorcoach. will work with you and your group as best as possible to create a financial arrangement for payment that will work and insure your trip is paid for by the day of departure.

Who Do I Contact On The Day Of Our Trip For Last Minute Assistance ?

My Motorcoach. will provide you and your group leader with a direct, local 24 hour number to the bus operator's office as well your driver's cellular number when available. This will allow you access to the bus company's local office before and during your charter.

Is Our Driver's Gratuity Included In Our Charter Price ? 

Please check your contract for this information. If gratuity is included a minimum amount has most likely been billed. It is customary for clients to provide a gratuity to drivers for excellent and safe service over and above the amount billed. For additional information please consult your charter sales agent.

Can We Inspect Our Bus Before Our Charter ? 

Yes, subject to availability. It is often hard to schedule a viewing ahead of time since there is no way of knowing what bus on what day your group might get. However, we can assure you that all buses provided by My Motorcoach. will meet your needs and be exactly what My Motorcoach. has offered to you in your contract and agreement. Actual photos of potential buses you might receive are available as well as a snapshot of the carriers overall safety rating, just call us and we'll send you as much information as possible.

Is Alcohol Allowed On The Bus ? 

On select charters, you may bring alcohol as long as the operators terms and conditions are met and you and your group are in State compliance with the consumption of alcohol on the bus. There may additional deposits and fee's associated with this. Any charter where alcohol will be on the bus must receive written authorization from My Motorcoach. first. Please do not assume it will be fine as this may be a violation of terms and conditions and could result in a termination of your charter and loss of all monies. For more information call our office at (800)979-4498